The Anatomy of a Cheesecake: Part I

Cheesecake is an old friend of mine. My ma and I have always made cheesecake for any/all big family shenanigans (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Reunions). But I braved it on my own tonight, breaking with family tradition. One of the reasons I started this blog is so that I would be motivated to cook and hopefully all you wiseguys out there could tell me how to fix up my sloppy baking skills. My ma loves me too much to tell me exactly where I got the cheesecake to crack (which you can't see in the fotos, because of flash). I tried my hand at making a crust, let's see how it all holds together tommorow.. This is only part one though folks! Tomorrow I'll dress it to be a really fancy schmancy cake.

The Amazing Roving Robin!

I made this little guy two weeks ago, my first needle felt creature! She's a a woolly thinker (pun intended!), but still a darling little bird. I'd love to make some more of these, like a funny little Fossa!

I had a lot of trouble getting a clear shot of robin Shelby (named for my college-departed big sis), but I think I have it figured out. But even if the second shot is blurry, I think its also very sweet.


My name is Zoe

I like crafting, baking, and reading. All things I wish I did more. This is about all of those things, as I try to bring my skills up to scratch.
Off we go and thanks if you read this!